1. My Favorite Childhood Toy

    by B.B. Wolfe (Tumblr: bbmyuu)

    My third commission for Ms. Wolfe. This one was for her to draw her favorite childhood toy: Flipper, a plushy, squeaky dolphin. I paid her $8.50 for this commission, which took her 36 minutes to complete. Judging by her and the rest of her Twitch audience’s reaction, I’d say this was one of her more joyful pieces. Certainly the most adorable.

  2. Dream

    by B.B. Wolfe (Tumblr: bbmyuu)

    A beautiful piece of art I commissioned Ms. Wolfe to do in one hour. The commission was for her to draw the last dream she could remember at the time. Not sure what the dream was about, but it made for a extremely impressive piece of art that is unlike anything I had ever seen her draw.

  3. Fusion

    by Alex Cooper (Tumblr:alexdevillers)

    One of my favorite artists. I had his “Terror Totem" as my Facebook avatar for over a year at one point. The detail and bright colors make his grotesque and humorous work just explode off of the screen, harkening back to the great underground comic artists of the late 60’s - mid 70’s such as S. Clay Wilson and Gary Panter. I don’t think there’s anyone alive today who can create more entertaining artwork than Alex Cooper.

  5. Pokemon Anatomy series by Ryan Mauskopf.

    Ryan’s Tumblr (thelifeofryan)

    (Source: bustedtees)

  6. I love the choice to use Japanese instead of English for the descriptions.

    Pokemon Anatomy series by Ryan Mauskopf.

    Ryan’s Tumblr (thelifeofryan)

    (Source: gaksdesigns)